Native Flute: Free Mini-Workshop with Cornell Kinderknecht and Timothy JP Gomez – Thurs, June 16, 7:00pm CT


All level players welcome!

Thursday, June 16, 2022 – 7:00 pm US Central Time

FREE. Tips are welcome!

An informal and fun 60-minute mini-workshop and playing session with award winning instructors and recording artists Cornell Kinderknecht and Timothy JP Gomez. ONLINE through Zoom.

We’ll play some flute warm-ups, play a song or two together, work with rhythm and technique, learn some tips and tricks, followed by Q&A.

Bring your G-minor and A-minor flutes.

Ask your questions about:

  • Basic through advanced playing techniques
  • Embellishment and ornamentation
  • Tricky fingerings or challenging notes
  • Performance skills
  • What else?

Enthusiasts and players of all levels welcome.

Registration is required. Space is limited. This mini-workshop is offered for free. Tips are welcome (



Cornell Kinderknecht and Timothy JP Gomez are on the leadership team at the 2022 Pacific Northwest Flute Gathering on Vashon Island.

Cornell Kinderknecht

Cornell Kinderknecht is an award-winning recording artist and performer on flutes and other wind instruments from around the world, including Native American flute, Bansuri flute, ocarina, recorder and bamboo flutes. As a lifelong musician, his musical style draws from his experience in the areas of world, Classical, pop and folk music. His work has garnered recognition world-wide and he and his music have graced the stage of the prestigious Carnegie Hall. His passion of combining creativity and intuition with fluid musical technique, results in an expressive style that exhibits ease and grace. He inspires players at any level to explore their musical voice and to have music as a lifelong, natural creative outlet. Cornell’s light-hearted teaching approach puts students at ease. He is currently the Director of the Pacific Northwest Native American Flute Gathering, music director of the Dallas Recorder Society and Director of Operations at Dallas Meditation Center in Dallas, Texas.

Timothy JP GomezTimothy J.P. Gomez is an award-winning composer and performer who fuses world music on the Native American-style flute with concepts of Musical Romanticism to create an intense, expressive style that resonates deep within the human spirit. His technical skills bring a gracefulness and clarity to his compositions and set him apart as one of the great up-and-coming artists in the industry. Currently, Timothy performs at festivals and events throughout the USA. He also holds workshops and offers private lessons, where he has been privileged to assist many flute players on their musical pursuits