Creating Songs Pt. 6: Expressing Texture and Mood with Native Flute – Five weekly sessions beginning Tue. Aug 30


Five Tuesday evenings, August 30 – September 27, 2022, 6:30-8:00pm CT

Online through Zoom.

Class size is limited to 15 persons.

This is a followup course to the Creating Songs Pts. 1-5 courses and is also open to those who’ve had some experience with alternate scales and creating simple song structures around melodic ideas, like AB, ABA, etc. or improvising around those structures. See the full description below.



In this course, we’ll cover:

  • Development of ideas into songs, expanding upon techniques from the Creating Songs parts 1-5 courses
  • Explore mood in our playing
  • Look at ways to convey texture (smooth, rough, glassy, sharp, etc.) in music
  • Deepen our expressive playing and song creation

The ability to read music is not required for this course but it is helpful to have some experience with tablature, numbering or notation systems.

This class is open to those who have taken the courses Creating Songs parts 1-5 with Cornell and also others who have some experience with alternate scales, intervals and creating simple song structures, like AB, ABA, etc. or improvising around those structures. The main focus will be with Native flute but other world flutes are welcome.