Mindful Fluting / Mindfulness for ALL Who Love to Play Music (ONLINE) – two afternoons starting July 12 OR two evenings starting July 13


Choose the afternoon course or the evening course. Each course consists of two sessions:

  • AFTERNOON COURSE – Tuesdays, July 12 & 19, 1:00-2:00pm US Central Time
  • EVENING COURSE – Wednesdays, July 13 & 20, 7:00-8:00pm US Central Time

In this introduction to mindfulness practice, we’ll use our music, musical instruments and art to help us relax and to find calm in our lives. We’ll look at positive practices that can be of benefit to our well-being as well as allow a more relaxed approach to playing music.

Join Cornell Kinderknecht online through Zoom for two musical mindfulness instruction and practice sessions. See additional details below.

This course will be held through Zoom and is intended for music makers of all levels. Bring your flutes, drums, violins, harmonicas, pianos, etc.

No previous mindfulness practice required. ALL musical skill levels welcome. Come and enjoy and rest… you will not be required to play for others in the class.

Space is limited. Register now…



Many of us were drawn to music because it gave us a feeling of calm and satisfaction. As players of music, we can tap into that calming characteristic to help us relax ourselves and find some peace in the present moment.

In these sessions, we’ll experience ways to use our own playing to help redirect the racing mind and let the body calm down. These practices also help us to have a much more relaxed approach to playing our instrument.

  • Learn ways through music to redirect the racing mind
  • Let our music and the sound of our instrument help quiet our self-talk
  • Experience the opportunity to be relaxed while playing music
  • Allow our music to be of benefit to our own well-being

Cornell Kinderknecht is an award-winning recording artist, performer and instructor of world flutes and winds. He is also co-director of Dallas Meditation Center and instructor of meditation and mindfulness.